With ill-fated timing, Mike Watson discovered the Calgary blues institution the King Eddy while it was on it’s last legs. Fortunately Mike was able to spend those last few years of the Eddy’s life seeking out new sounds and discovering his true feelings towards the blues.

Since then it’s been a transcendent journey hunting through old records of blues men, hill people, hollers, and pre-war gospel,¬†discovering the most primal guitar sounds he could find (a path that led to Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf, then to Son House and Charley Patton).

It’s now¬†Mike’s modern interpretation of old traditional music that is at the core of the 6L6s.

Joining Mike and his vintage tube amps are the solid the rhythm section of Tommy Knowles on bass and Kent McRae on drums, and the mad skills of Steve Fletcher on organ. In any configuration, the 6L6s will lead you to a new sound, a new soul.